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Coaster Holder made from 45 records and wood/ Bar Decor / CD Holder / Vinyl Records / Home Decor / Fashion / home decor / retro designs


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This is a unique, handmade holder made out of wood and recycled vinyl 45 records. We originally created this to hold our recycled vinyl record jacket coaster sets. But people have also used them to hold CDs, DVDs and other 45 records. This is a GREAT addiction to the vinyl record coaster/tile sets that we sell.

**ALL RECORD ART IS MADE FROM ALREADY DAMAGED RECORDS. NO PLAYABLE RECORDS WERE DAMAGED IN THE MAKING OF OUR ART. Made with two different, random 45 records. Held together with two pieces of nicely stained wood. The entire piece has been finished with 3 coats of a natural spray lacquer finish. The bottom has felt feet to protect any surface you place it on. This is a perfect gift for any music lover.