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Posted by Tiff Gilmore on

Whew! What an adventure we have been on!

Twisted Picks has officially moved to our home state of Ohio. As we settle into our new location, we are putting down roots in our new Twisted Picks Studio. 

Our Studio will be where we create new works of art, photograph, and list them on our site. We will also be updating our site regularly with events once we are able to get back to it. 

We left Florida on September 29th and landed in Ohio October 2nd. One big white van (love you Rathkelter) One U-Haul over 1000+ miles with the three of us and out two dogs! The trip it self was full of pot holes and even had to call out a U-Haul mechanic to make sure that we were not going to back slide down a mountain. 

All worth it! We moved not only our own living quarters but all of Twisted Picks as well. 

After 3 months in an apartment we found our new home and moved in on Tiffany's birthday! No worries she was all for getting a house for her birthday. 

Stay tuned for all of the adventures to come as we learn and grow together. 


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