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Dreams come True In Yellow Springs

Posted by Tiffany Gilmore on

 Yellow Springs Ohio is a special place to these Gilmore Girls. I think mom says it best.

Yellow Springs Ohio on Short Street

“Saturday was very surreal for me.  Yellow Springs has been my favorite spot in the world since I was a little girl.  Spending weekends with my mom and Aunt Bev there shopping in the stores and eating in the restaurants. Then later with my teenage friends, hiking the Clifton Gorge State Nature Preserve  and John Bryant.  In my middle age years taking my young daughter and her "high school crush" to the festival and having a great time. 

We started Twisted Picks in Florida and ever since we started it back in 2008 I have dreamed about someday working at The Yellow Springs Street Fair.

It finally came true yesterday.  Watching the sun rise over Ohio Silver and the Little Art Theatre pulled me out of work mode and made a whole lifetime full of memories come rushing into my brain. 

It was everything I ever thought it would be and so much more.  We would love to thank Shelby, Marsha, and Jason for coming out to show us love and support!  We met new friends and the memory of this dream coming true will be with us forever.  Can't wait to see you in the spring in Yellow Springs!  We love you!”


The next event we will be at is in Camden Ohio for The Black Walnut Festival. We are very much looking forward to being there.  This will be our last event of the season so we can focus on creating more works of art for you to admire and take home with you.


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