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Celtic Fest Ohio

Posted by Tiffany Gilmore on

One of our favorite things in this world is a good Celtic festival. We are very connected with our Celtic bloodline and enjoy celebrating it with good times, art, food, and most of all music.

With moving back to Ohio, it has been an absolute blast getting back into our community and its history. We went to our first (certainly not our last) Celtic fest Ohio in Waynesville.

Our main goal was to see one of our favorite Celtic bands of all time - Albannach. They are a "bareknuckle pipes and drum band". Their music fills you up with such energy and joy it is impossible to stay in your seat. 

We have seen Albannach many times before, but we have never been able to see the full set as we were always set up at the event and working. This is the first time that we went fully for fun and not business. When I tell you that they never disappoint I mean it. There has never been a show in the past 8 years that they have not brought the same energy and excitement!  

 You can check out a video of them on our Youtube Channel Here. Albannach at Celtic Fest Ohio by Twisted Picks

While you can listen to their music online, there is nothing like experiencing them in person. You can feel their drums like a heartbeat and the pipes fill you with such excitement that you have to move around, everyone was dancing. No matter your age you can have a great time watching them. Laughter and genuine happiness surround them when they hit the stage. By the end of their set, we were out of breath, tired and oh so very happy!

The weather was perfect! Sunshine all day and lots of shady spots to escape the heat if you needed. You could cool down with a bottled beverage or an ice-cold beer in your favorite container. There were a nice variety of vendors to choose from for this one-day event. We bought a beautiful Moroccan style lamp from Anna's Attic Imports

For us Albannach was the main attraction but there was so much more to see and do. I tried my hand at archery while mom held a gorgeous owl.  As we were walking out for the night, we got some delicious pickles! They were the perfect touch for being a little dehydrated.

We would highly recommend anyone who enjoys Celtic music and fun to make plans for next year. We have!

To find out more about Celtic Fest Ohio check out their website

To find out where Albannach is going to be next, check out their website.



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